Getting Customers to Satisfaction and Brand Advocate

Getting customers has always been difficult and in this competitive climate is becoming even harder. Getting customers is one challenge, the next is how do we not only keep them but create brand advocates.

How do we deliver on the company’s customer promises quickly and effectively?

Do we really understand our customer’s concerns and problems in  planned strategic manner or is it more reactionary?

Do your customers have an “intent” to recommend or do they actually actively recommend your company as true advocates


Many organisation invest heavily in understanding their customers via various customer satisfactions metrics. This aim of this program is to use your data to drive customer transformation and maximise your NPS through productive customer journey mapping. Uncover the drivers of your customer experience and turn your customers into advocates.

In this program we focus on how you can ‘become the customer’ and create meaningful customer journeys through your organisations, pinpointing pit stops and highlighting value chains, to improve customer experience and brand loyalty. This will help in alignment of both your internal and external views so as to prioritise improvements


  • Understanding NPS
  • Making sense of NPS data
  • Creating customer journey maps
  • Customer experience improvement plans that stick and are measurable


Complaints professionals, managers, team leaders and anyone within the complaints department who utilizes complaints and customer data.


With a background in Science, John established his successful career within the healthcare industry. Following his Masters of Business Marketing at Monash University, John led and transitioned a number of multinational organisations within the Healthcare Industry. Most recently, John was the Vice President for a US based multinational organisation with a strong presence throughout South East Asia.


Members (three or more from one company) $627 per person.
Members $697 per person
Non-member $808 per person

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