A Fair Service for All – Managing Customer Diversity

This full day program will explore in depth how to employ key work practices that value workplace and consumer diversity.
You will gain a new insight into the world of diversity, how to recognise unconscious bias and how to effectively deliver a range of services to diverse populations including vulnerable consumer groups, such as the elderly, indigenous and those with varying levels of ability.

Learning outcomes

• Recognise the value of cultural competency in the workplace
• Discover how to incorporate diversity into the workplace, working relationships and workplace practices
• Understand that diversity includes gender, age, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic background amongst many other factors
• Develop cultural competency and cross-cultural communication skills
• Learn about what resources and support services are available
• Develop an understanding of one’s own world view and inherent biases
• Develop an action plan for developing increased cultural awareness and communication skills in the workplace
• Develop skills in the four IRC competencies



Members: $690 per person
Members 3 or more: $620 per person
Non member: $750 per person