Transforming Workplace Culture UGR Masterclass


International Workplace Culture Expert, Steve Simpson

Whether it’s creating a culture to deliver great service, helping leaders understand their role in shaping the culture, helping teams perform better, equipping people to revel in change initiatives, or getting people to take complaints seriously, this Masterclass will show how Steve Simpson’s concept of UGRs – unwritten ground rules – can be used to effect lasting, positive change.

Employees operate according to a series of UGRs® – unwritten ground rules – a sort of folklore about how the business operates and how things get done. All too often these are negative and work at cross-purposes to what management is trying to achieve.

Who should attend

Senior managers and leaders complaint department heads and/or decision makers in the consumer affairs function
Includes: A light lunch & refreshments

What you will learn

  • Learn about UGRs and how they drive people’s behaviour
  • Gain insights into world-first research into UGRs conducted with two Australian universities
  • Learn how to identify the kind of culture that is necessary for your department’s success, and how to align UGRs with these attributes
  • Be introduced to the five-step approach to using UGRs to drive your department’s culture change

Steve Simpson’s Master Class will show you how to easily identify the UGRs at work in your organisation and more importantly, how you can then drive change in your own workplace culture.


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