Phone Skills for Complaint Handling & Customer Service Staff

Customer service whether delivered face to face or over the phone, require common skills. In both cases the service provider will follow a service cycle in which they establish rapport, uncover needs and then resolve or satisfy these. Both service scenarios share common challenges. You have to deal with emotional customers, explain technical aspects of products and services without using jargon, deliver bad news have to manage unrealistic demands and expectations that customers present.

One big advantage of providing service over the phone is that customers are usually more receptive to leaving an issue with you to work on and resolve – allowing you to contact them once you have a solution.

Service over the phone however does present unique challenges that face to face to face service providers do not experience. One big challenge is that the service provider cannot see the customer’s body language and really have to pay attention to tone. The other is that there is a entire body of etiquette that applies to phone service. In this half day course we examine the service principles in the context of providing service over the phone.


Learning Outcomes

  • Outline a typical service cycle
  • Detail key skills relevant to each phase or step
  • Explain the advantages of phone service
  • Identify the unique challenges service via the phone presents.
  • Demonstrate correct phone etiquette including when:
    • answering a phone
    • greeting a customer
    • placing callers on hold
    • screening callers
    • returning calls
    • taking messages
    • leaving voice messages
    • finishing a call
    • making calls
    • dealing with customers who struggle with English

Who is it for

Frontline customer service and complaint handling or contact centre staff.


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