From Rage to Reason

Enhance your ability, confidence and resilience to handle angry and raging customers


  • Why are complaints important?
  • What is anger? What is rage? What are the triggers?
  • Understanding the importance of treating customers as people first and consumers second
  • Discussion and practice of effective strategies to handle angry and raging customers
  • Looking after you – the importance of structured debriefing

During this one-day intensive workshop you will learn:

  • The complaints mix
  • The business case for complaints
  • Experiences of dealing with angry and raging customers.
  • The behaviours and differences, associated with angry and raging customers.
  • What are the triggers
  • The importance of emotions
  • Links between emotions and customer satisfaction


An exploration of effective strategies to handle angry and raging customers including:

  • Pre-emptive actions
  • A ‘complaint is a gift; mindset
  • Creating partnerships with customers
  • Role modelling
  • Treating complainants as people first, consumers second
  • Identifying patterns and trends
  • During the incident
  • The road to resolution approach
  • After the incident
  • Delivering effective internal feedback
  • A model for debriefing


This workshop is designed for staff who come into contact with, or respond to, complainants or customers who display unreasonable conduct.


As the Managing Partner of TMI Australia, John has worked through and led many organisational transformations. TMI is a world leader in the field of organisational performance, culture change, leadership and especially customer experience.  TMI are renowned globally for their work in complaints management, and their book, A Complaint is a Gift is recognised as a benchmark in complaints handling and has been adopted by many organisations as their standard for complaints handling. John is focussed on understanding the capabilities and values of organisations. He is involved in many surveys and has worked extensively in the field of Net Promoter Score, internal culture surveys and also the complaints culture survey which has been implemented by several companies both in Australia and globally. The organisations that John has worked with vary across many sectors, from banking and finance, to FMCG and hospitality, to entertainment.  John has a background in Science and Management. He has a BSc as well as an MBA and has led several organisations and has been part of several international strategy committees.


Members (three or more SOCAP members from one company) $627 per person.
Members $697 per person
Non-member $808 per person

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