Using Tech to Handle CSAT

2 April 2019 – 12pm-1pm AEDT

Customer satisfaction systems can help you measure the level of your customer’s satisfaction which can give you valuable insights into what your customers REALLY think about you and your product/services/staff and overall experience with your customer.
Understanding this and getting it right can build your customer loyalty and referral and reduce customer churn.

Join us for this one hour webinar and learn about customer satisfaction systems you could be using in your business!

Learning Outcomes

  • Why it is important to measure if your customers are satisfied
  • Why digital customer satisfaction systems can be better than paper copies
  • Different systems you can use to measure if your customers are satisfied
  • Which systems suit which industries, customer bases and situations
  • Compare system’s features that make them unique and an overview of their pricing plans
  • Which customer satisfaction systems integrate with other online software
  • What questions to ask – collecting qualitative versus quantitative data
  • How long is too long when it comes to preparing customer surveys?
  • How to access and interpret the results of customer satisfaction systems and how often you should be doing it

Members: $50
Members (5 or more more SOCAP members from one company): $44
Non members: $60