Teamship – Leading for a new age

There is a view held by some that teams develop on their own through chance or good luck. This is not the case. An effective team requires not only good leadership but willingness by the members of that team to participate. This Teamship program will provide the opportunity to examine these two essential components.

The concept of Teamship is made up of the behaviours and attitudes required to be part of an effective team. In order to be as effective as possible in a competitive environment, the Teamship program aligns members so as to work towards a common purpose.

Being a great Teamship team player is an important role we all need to play to ensure everyone is making their best effort to be successful as well as have positive working relations with other members of the team.

How you benefit:

  • Better relationships with others in the team and more opportunities for more varied work
  • Improved company brand image and increased customer alignment. More personal opportunities to learn new skills
  • Increased discussion about the team’s goals and working with others on how to achieve them
  • Recognition for contributing to a positive team culture and working environment

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify ways in which team members can act as encouragers
  • Identify the importance of relational and professional skills to effective teamwork
  • Explore the importance of being multifunctional
  • Identifying the team brand and how to leverage upon the team to deliver the brand promise
  • Create an action plan for the improvement of the effectiveness of the team
  • Demonstrate how change can improve performance
  • Improve the EQ of the team


Who Should AttendProgram Theme 

This program is designed for Advanced participants who
have senior experience in customer experience, consumer
care and complaints management roles, who are looking
to transform their organisation with new thinking and
strategic approaches to consumer management.

Participants with Intermediate skills are also advised to
attend to extend their professional skills and responsibilities.

Business Transformation


Members (3 or more SOCAP members from one company): $627
Members: $697
Non-Members: $808

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