Strategic Communication for Results

Personnel, who are effective communicators, are sought after assets to any organisation. Although ‘communications’ is an essential skill, training in this important field is often overlooked. Effective communicators can minimise an organisation’s exposure to harmful workplace incidents, such as: negative workplace behaviours; internal and external complaints; and negative client expectations/experiences and can potentially protect an organisation from unnecessary expense and litigation. The “Strategic Communications” workshop exposes the participants to enhanced communications techniques through the following topics.

What you will learn

Basic Communications – providing a general understanding of communications relevant to our community:

  • Social conditioning and how it affects people;
  • The ‘rules’ of basic communications and how they apply; and
  • The basic communications ‘process’ and how it can be ‘managed’ to achieve an outcome.

Strategic Communications – changing the way we approach conversations:

  • What is a ‘strategy’ and how does it apply in communications?
  • The strategic communications ‘process’;
  • A brief overview of ‘culture’ and how it effects the communications process;
  • A brief overview of ‘mental health considerations’ and ‘psycho-stimulants’ relevant to the communications process; and
  • The ‘management’ of dialogue and people, specifically tailored to: difficult clients; abuse and threats to others; de-escalation techniques; withdrawing from a conversation; and how to advise a person of ‘outcomes’ that they may not be agreeable to.


Who Should AttendProgram Theme 
This program is designed for Intermediate participants
who have general experience in customer experience,
consumer care and complaints management roles, who
have been working in the industry for more than 12 months
and are looking to extend their professional skills and

Participants with Rising Star skills are also advised to
attend to extend their professional skills and responsibilities.


Customer Service Excellence


Members: $697
Members (3 or more from one member company): $627
Non-members: $808
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