Professional Resilience for Complaints Professionals

Pressure proof your team to build resilience and avoid burnout

Being able to take difficult situations in your stride is a crucial attribute for all consumer affairs professionals, particularly those working in dispute resolution or complaints handling. The ability to build and maintain resilience is critical, with lack of “bounce” taking a toll on personal wellbeing resulting in diminished energy and enthusiasm for both work and personal life.

Key indicators that resilience is lacking in yourself or your team can be poor team morale or a dysfunctional team, decreased productivity, professional burnout, increased sick leave and absenteeism, or in a worst case scenario, increases in work related stress claims.

As a manager or team leader within your business, it is your responsibility to learn to build resilience in both yourself and others. While individuals are clearly responsible for their own health and wellbeing, a work environment where customer calls often escalate, or are just plain argumentative, can erode an individual’s ability to manage this independently and it therefore becomes a work, health and safety imperative.


You will learn:

  • Enhanced self-leadership skills
  • Improved strategies to strengthen your own resilience and prevent burnout
  • An understanding of ways to protect your wellbeing from the stressors in your professional life
  • Strategies for staying positive and for disengaging from negative interactions in the workplace
  • A model of self-care that can support a professionally satisfying and sustainable work style
  • Comprehensive strategies for building resilience in teams and workplaces


Team managers, supervisors, complaint handlers, customer care and customer service agents and consumer affairs front line staff.


Michelle Bihary, your expert facilitator, has created a highly interactive and vibrant program for professionals to achieve resilience. The Professional Resilience® program draws on the latest research in resilience, emotional intelligence, subjective wellbeing and happiness, leadership, psychology, energy and stress management, neuroscience, mindfulness and spirituality. Additionally, Michelle draws on her 30 years as a Psychotherapist, Trainer and Consultant. Having worked extensively with executives and professionals for almost three decades, Michelle has a deep understanding of what works.


2016 dates to be advised. Check the website regularly for updates


Members (three or more from one company) $620 per person.

Members $690 per person

Non-member $800 per person

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