2017 Symposium Speakers

Phill Nosworthy

Digital Strategist


Phill Nosworthy is a multi-disciplined executive coach, global speaker and influential change-maker driven to assist organizations and the valuable people who make them tick over create businesses, brands, careers and personal life journeys that are enriched with meaning.
Phill has mentored and coached leading executives, world champion athletes and globally celebrated artists and entertainers in the lifestyle of meaning.
His powerful workshops and keynotes serve as a catalyst; inspiring and challenging audiences with conversations on leadership, personal branding, engagement and client experience.
Phill works alongside brands like Microsoft as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist. He has been described as a ‘dream fulfilment specialist’ a unique professional who is helping to forge open new paths for the next generation of game changers, leaders and entrepreneurs. His authentic speaking style envokes complete engagement and is flecked with humour as well as compelling case studies and behavioural science research.
You can’t help but feel that Phill is speaking directly to you as your mind walks new pathways to expanded influence and potential.