2018 Symposium Speakers

Nicole Chapman

Customer Relations Specialist, IAG


Nicole Chapman has been involved in the complaints handling industry for four years at IAG and has first-hand
insights into all levels of complaints. From being a front line Consultant, a Senior Consultant and now a Customer
Relations Specialist, Nicole is constantly looking for areas to make positive change from discovery to

Nicole takes seriously the commitment of putting the customer at the forefront of what IAG does, lives this
commitment each day in her role and is always willing to engage in difficult conversations with stakeholders to
seek continuous improvement. Nicole has consistently demonstrated that she will challenge the norms, whilst
also working closely with the relevant team to uplift their understanding and ensure these issues are used as a
development opportunity to embed better processes and behaviours.

When Nicole proactively identifies deficiencies, she directly engages the relevant department from a foundation
of strong relationships which have been built over time. This allows for open, honest and productive
communication with both internal and external stakeholders. After identifying a recent opportunity in this regard,
Nicole worked with the Manager of the particular area to implement a new feedback initiative. By collating and
providing monthly feedback to the relevant leaders, Nicole was able to significantly reduce complaint statistics.
To solidify this initiative, Nicole hot-desked at their building, reviewed and improved their complaints handling
processes, implemented ‘Day in the life of’ coaching, attended stakeholder meetings to both participate and
present, created templates and completed regular trend analysis.

Managing complaints and maintaining a focus on the customer experience is a difficult field in which to
specialise, however, Nicole enjoys the challenge and looks forward to converting many more customers into
advocates of IAG in the future.