2019 Symposium Speakers

Margo Andros

Chief Operations Officer, Brayola


As Chief Operations Officer of Brayola, Margo Andros brings 30 years of leadership experience in retail startups with proven revenue lifts of 15 to 30%, building and structuring smart, efficient, cross-functional teams, with a focus on long-term sustainability. Before Brayola, Margo’s entrepreneurial approach guided her merchandising and operations consultancy, as she created business models and implemented them, cultivated brand partnerships, secured bids in top retail hubs, and negotiated terms for over 200 brands. She is an expert at developing buying strategies that generate revenue, and her consumer-centric proficiency allows her to identify opportunities for innovation, helping build social media platforms, improve distribution channels, and grow consumer engagement through applied digital marketing expertise. She starts with a vision, leads with aunique perspective from all sides of retail, facilitates change, provides successful solutions, and empowers her teams to do the same.