2019 Symposium Speakers

Ciara Sterling

Director and CEO, Thriving Communities Partnership


As the Director and CEO of the Thriving Communities Partnership, Ciara leads a cross-sectoral collaboration of organisations tackling the root causes of hardship and inequality. She collaborates widely across the corporate, government and community sectors to design and deliver innovative shared-value programs. This is supported by over 20 years’ experience working across these sectors addressing issues around hardship and vulnerability.  As Head of Community Inclusion at Yarra Valley Water, Ciara is an industry leader in supporting customers experiencing vulnerability, hardship and family violence through Yarra Valley Water’s WaterCare initiative. In 2016–17, Ciara led the water industry’s response to the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence. This included updating the industry’s code and developing detailed guidance to help water businesses implement programs that support customers and staff members experiencing family violence. She has held a number of roles within Yarra Valley Water across Strategy and Community, Retail Services and Marketing and Communications.