Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination – Understand the Law

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New laws have been introduced in Australia to ensure that employees work in a safe, healthy and productive environment free from all forms of physical, emotional, verbal abuse and discrimination. These laws also benefit organisations as the hidden costs associated with poor practices in this area can be significant. As a manager and team leader you have an obligation to monitor and control all health issues in the workplace, as well as an obligation to ensure that all staff fully understand and abide by these legal requirements.

This program  examines:

  • What constitutes bullying and harassment
  • How poor practice can impact an organisation
  • What is reasonable direction
  • Why bullying and harassment can be hard to uncover.
  • Warning signs to watch out for
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • How to maintain a bully free environment
  • How to deal with an offender.
  • What constitutes sexual harassment

What to do if someone raises a complaint