Best Practice

Guidance for your business

A number of ‘best practice’ complaint handling guides exist:


Complaints give you free feedback! Use complaints to improve your goods and services

Good complaints handling increases customer loyalty

Publicise what you do to improve your products or services and build your reputation


Building solid relationships and return business


Top four customer expectations:


  1. The complaint will be dealt with quickly

  2. It will be taken seriously

  3. The other person will respond with empathy

  4. There will be an apology

Approach complaints in the right way to build solid relationships and return business. You can do this through:

Appropriate marketing and systemic review

  • Your business might rely heavily on word of mouth marketing.

Make sure you:

  • Pay special attention to unhappy customers
  • Keep track of what customers think
  • Ask customers about their experiences with your business when they first buy or use your product

Ensuring Fairness

Make sure customers feel you are being fair by:

  • Providing opportunities for people to have fair dealings with you
  • Allowing people to voice their thoughts or concerns about your products and services

Good complaints management

  • Good complaints management is important for increasing customer satisfaction.


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