New specialist ethics program launches

SOCAP Australia has launched a new specialist educational program for the consumer affairs practitioners focussing on ethics, as part of national certification for complaints professionals.

Ethics for Complaints Handlers is delivered as online learning in three modules and is a core unit of the SOCAP Australia Complaints Professional Certification Scheme. Module one focuses on ethics and decision

making including the concept of ethics, exploring the similarities and differences between ethics and the law, compliance and morals. Subject matter also includes the importance of values and principles in orienting decision making and the

impediments to good decision making.

Module two highlights the connection between ethics and professional practice and the benefits of ethical conduct in business (and the risks of unethical conduct). You will also learn how an organisation’s values and principles guide ethical business behaviour.

In module three the different ways in which your personal interest can conflict with the interests of your organisation will be featured along with reporting and managing ethical issues and disclosing and managing conflicts of interest.

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