August 2015 National certification scheme for complaints handlers

National certification scheme for complaints handlers

A national certification and recognition program for complaints professional and consumer affairs practitioners was launched in Australia in August 2015 by SOCAP Australia.

The SOCAP Complaints Professional Certification Scheme is a nationally recognised certification scheme  and was launched by SOCAP at the 25th annual SOCAP Australia International Symposium, after consultation with many hundreds of members over a two year period to ensure the scheme meets the operational and professional development needs of the complaint handling profession and the SOCAP membership.

The scheme sets a quality standard to complaints management from a human, rather than process perspective and acknowledges that a unique set of skills and competencies are required to manage complaints and the people who work in this profession are specialist practitioners.

National recognition of the unique skills of the profession will increase the awareness of the value of the role of consumer affairs professionals in each company and will enhance your career incentives.

All complaint professionals and SOCAP members are eligible for certification.

On meeting certification, SOCAP members will be recognised as certified SOCAP Australia Complaint Professionals and can use the post nominal SOCAP CP.

The SOCAP CP post nominal signifies the complaint handler has met:

  • a nationally recognised level of skills and competencies matched to the Australian Competency and Ethical Framework for Complaint Handlers
  • a quality of service delivery
  • guidelines of Ethical practice for complaint handlers
  • and continues to meet professional development targets

Certification must be renewed every two years.

Certification is based on continuing professional development and the workplace demonstration of the learning competencies. As such, each applicant will be assessed through the completion of a Supervisor’s Reference to align theory and practice.

This important assessment step in certification will shape the complaints management industry through its recognition of excellence in knowledge and practical skills and service delivery.