Maximise Your NPS Through Customer Journey Mapping



The Net Promoter Score, NPS is perhaps the most widely accepted customer satisfaction metric. Many organisations globally and in Australia use NPS as their metric of choice when assessing their voice of customer. However, many organisations place too much emphasis on the number alone and not enough on what is driving the result.

NPS is a metric where the information should provide information as to:

  • What you should keep on doing and perhaps broaden across other parts of the organisation;
  • What you should start doing. Areas of improvement that you could adopt in the organisation so as to know where the next important should come from and what you can do to enhance the customer experience; and
  • What you should stop doing. What are the areas that cause negativity and perhaps dissention amongst your customers? Are there practises that happen that may be turning customer away

NPS is a strong indication of customer loyalty. For an individual to promote and recommend your business it is highly likely that they will remain a customer.

It is not the number is that is important, but what you do with the information that is important.

In this workshop we focus on how to improve the customer experience based upon then data that will in turn result in a higher score…not the other way around.

NPS provides a broad picture of where your organisation is at in terms of providing customer value.

But what about the transactional ability of the company? 

Are there areas where you can drill down and identify areas as to how we can improve?

Customer Journey mapping will provide this information in a touch point by touch point analysis.

Together there is powerful information. By having all this data and being able to drill into the motivations as to what people feel and behave the way they do will greatly assist you in improving the customer experience.


  • Understanding the NPS ethos and how to make sense of the data
  • Understanding how to create customer journey maps even via online methodologies
  • Create a report that provides the information to create meaningful customer experience programs for the organisation.
  • Linking it all together to develop a change plan to improve the customer experience.


Complaints professionals, managers, team leaders and anyone within the complaints department who utilizes complaints and customer data.


With a background in Science, John established his successful career within the healthcare industry. Following his Masters of Business Marketing at Monash University, John led and transitioned a number of multinational organisations within the Healthcare Industry. Most recently, John was the Vice President for a US based multinational organisation with a strong presence throughout South East Asia.


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