2016 Symposium Speakers

Judi Jones

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman


Judi Jones has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, management and the law. She has held the position of Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner in New Zealand since 2002. As the inaugural ombudsman, Judi established the scheme that is now the largest in New Zealand and is fully funded by the electricity and gas industry.

Judi has a wealth of experience gained from working in organisations in New Zealand, such as the Advertising Standards Complaints Board and the Massey University Dispute Resolution Centre. In New Zealand, she sits on the Security and Reliability Council for the electricity industry, is Chair of the Advertising Standards Complaints Appeal Board, is a former chair of the Consumers’ Institute and served on the electricity industry’s Grid Security Committee.

Judi holds a law degree and a Masters in Business Studies with Distinction in dispute resolution. She is currently the Chair of ANZOA, the peak body in Australia and New Zealand for ombudsmen working in industry-based, parliamentary and statutory ombudsman offices. Judi also has a long-standing involvement with ANZEWON, the Australia & New Zealand Energy and Water Ombudsman Network.